Project Description

We’re a Vendor To Remember

A few years ago, Microsoft cut the number of available productions companies to be their vendors from thousands to sixteen.  Piranha was chosen as one of those vendors. We work closely with Microsoft Studios as well as directly to all the teams in the many Redmond buildings and worldwide. We’ve successfully produced hundreds of videos and events for the software giant.


Graphics + Motion

Microsoft has great designs and great designers. We take their art and transform it into a moving, multi-dimensional piece of motion pictures.

Art of Interview

We are pro’s of the interview. We know Microsoft’s team have no time to waste and must look great. We’ve interviewed everyone including Bill and a few Steve’s.

Bleeding Edge

You know those cool videos playing on the screens at the Microsoft store and at CES? We made those plus a few others on the internets.

On Location

Microsoft isn’t just in Redmond. We have a multi-national relationship and travel expertise. From Ireland to China, we’ve been there with Microsoft.

From the Microsoft Intranets

To the End User

We Deliver

Team Members
Days of Production
Cups of Coffee
Lego Characters

Minature in Motion

We were given a project that allowed our creative juices to flow. We proposed to the team at Microsoft a video that used old fashioned stop motion stills mixed with animation and miniature sets. This was a really fun project to produce and it allowed us to really utilize imagination and art.

Excellent Results

According to Microsoft, this video is a huge hit that really keeps the viewer’s attention and has helped sales. Instead of a stale presentation, the Microsoft team has used this video to enhance their marketing. This video has fun plus information that really gets the message across.