Project Description

Credit Union Creativity

NASA Federal Credit Union hired Piranha to produce videos for use in the branches, online, in-house corporate and at the annual leadership conference.  What NASAFCU got was an entertainment and marketing package in one.


Ipad App

The time to get approved by Apple for an app was too long and we needed it for Android too. So we enabled a secret “kiosk mode” that played a video in the branches explaining the Remote Deposit app.

Animated Appreciation

We used the talents of CEO Doug Allman and animated a thank you letter from a happy NASA FCU customer to a teller. It was a hug hit throughout the credit union. It was a real first for them celebrating success in this manner.

Ipad Version

This video turned out to be another huge hit. And what could have been a complicated and expensive job, but we found and modded another desginers video (with permission) to make this one stand out on top.


This series of videos teaches the customer how to use the mobile applications from NASA FCU. We used graphics, art, motion and a soothing voice to make these popular videos. The videos were hosted on their websites.

From each Branch

To the Awards Dinner

We Deliver

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High Production

NASA FCU asked us to host, create and provide introduction videos at the annual awards dinner. We provided the master of ceremonies and highlighted the event with incredible videos that followed a Hollywood/Oscar like theme.

Celebration of Success

According to CEO, Doug Allman, the videos were a huge hit that really made the night special. Instead of a stale presentation, the NASA’s award recipients received positive recognition in the form of hoorays and ovations from their peers, investors, the board members and the audience.  A truly unforgettable event.