Project Description

Client Brief

When the producers of the most watched show in the world approached us to help produce this event, we said an emphatic “yes, please!” The producers asked to bring an all out effort that would include a live social media event, produced for fans and the media and quickly sent out to the fans worldwide as well as media outlets minutes after the close of the event doors.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to show up the day of the event and make it look cool.  We flew our drone over the Hudson river and back over the event. One producer thought we bought stock footage, he lost it when we told him we didi it an hour before. Our videographers and still photographers captured the event in the fastest fashion. Stills were uploaded to various web based folks and video was immediately transferred to awaiting editors who edited broll and a “sizzle” reel out to the various media outlets worldwide.

The Solution

We brought our “A” game to NYC for the season premiere event of “Orange is the New Black” aka #ORANGECON. We brought and flew a drone, shot the stars, provided live mug shot uploads and produced a social media video minutes after the close. We put in a full day and had a hard drive of our captured assets at the end of the great day.

Production Samples

The #ORANEGCON event.


Capturing the essence of the event in NYC was a full on team effort. And the folks at Netflix were tremendous to work with and really made this an unforgettable event for not only the fans and press, but for us in production too.


The cast and crew walked the “orange” carpet and faced the usual assault from the photographers, press and fans.  Interiews with the press were completed and autographs signed, but the cast later was across the stage taking on questions from the audience and a live uplink from the Netflix CEO.


The event was made really fun because everyone was really approachable and the room was so entertaining with the mug shot area, cell areas, drinks from behind bars and a rotating room from the show.

Season 3

What made the event was the announcement that the full Season 3 was going to be released live that night. Those in attendance were also allowed to watch the first three episodes at the event.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Piranha brought it, big time.
Jonas Stoipe, Netflix Publicity