Project Description

Client Brief

Starbucks has been with Piranha since the 1990’s.  We feel we have a major part of how this corporation developed. The founder once said in a meeting, that “Piranha are the only one’s who understand our culture.”  We have traveled the globe with the coffee masters, producing over 10 leadership conferences,  annual shareholders meetings, directed hundreds of corporate videos, animations, commercials and live video. We produced years of training videos, field reports, powerpoints and live events.  We get them, for much of what they have done was done collectively.



The Cult of Culture

We’ve Been There

Words that have nothing behind them are meaningless Starbucks puts their money where their culture is and it is a beautiful thing.  Video produced for Starbucks has enabled us to share our ideas and develop a company mantra that is copied by most corporations today.  The script, written with us and revised collectively, helped to establish a company culture  and philosophy that rivals no one.  Scripted to videos with a message.  Video distributed to the rest of the team, investors, board and hourly team members can be replayed and spoke by in large by the executives at the leadership conferences.

Green Apron 100%
Ways of Being 100%
Leading From the Heart 100%
Grow Big, Stay Small 100%


It takes two, us and them. We help write the script. We modify the Powerpoints. We create, direct, edit, embed and distribute videos. We coach. We are praised.

Video Production & Animation

The team at RR has a lot of talented team members who make shooting and editing of our videos go smoothly. We mix high quality video with super savvy animation design, sprinkle the voice, mix the music, distribute the vision.

Final Delivery

Tablets, computers and phones are how we deliver video field reports and other information to the managers and the other 32,000 team members. This content is replayed live at the leadership conference too.

Contact Us

Personal Connection

Howard took us into the burroghs of NYC and showed us where he grew up. We told his personal story for the Starbucks team, from his childhood in Brooklyn, to Il Giornale, to the IPO.

Standing Ovation

The story was a great hit at the leadership conference and used throughout many presentations.  We feel honored and grateful to be able to tell this story.