From “info-graphic” to “stop-motion”, to “3D,” we produce animation at it’s best. We use some of the very latest animation techniques (along with some classic old tricks that never fail). From your first Animatic to the final Animation we’ll give your message a surprisingly contemporary twist guaranteed to create infectious enthusiasm.

LEFT: Animation and Live Event opener for Salesforce tributing a popular board game.

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It’s what we’ve done for years now; use the very latest technology and equipment to capture the personalities and passions of people…beautifully.
Our motion picture formats have included 35MM Film, Betacam, Red, DSLR and other; we go for the highest quality image acquisition. Avid, Adobe and Apple have made our edit suites state of the art.

LEFT: Film was the right choice for Starbucks and their Viking opera commercial.

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From speech writing, speaker coaching, and multiple layers of speaker support, we specialize in turning corporate speakers into memorable keynotes…and we’re not afraid to use the unexpected to make a solid point and a lasting impression.

LEFT: Red Robin CEO Steve Carley is lifted from beneath the stage to address the audience at the annual leadership conference.

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A lot of a live event is just putting it all together, video, animation, presentation and strategy are the elements that make a successful live event. We dive deep into this area of expertise. Our corporate events are huge and bigger than most rock concerts. We’ve branded skyscrapers and cruise ships with the company marketing so the the structure, or vessel looks like a nascar. We would be nowhere here with out the excellent support of our staging vendors and crew!
LEFT: Fireworks kick off a big event aboard the SS Red Robin.

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The Right Strategy For The Right Solution. Every Time.


The Discovery Process.

Think of this as an information safari…we’re out to track down and capture what makes your idea or product different than the regular beasts. And to lure those answers into the light, we use the greatest bait of them all…we ask a lot of questions and then take the time to actually listen to your answers. Our goal is to find out why you’re excited and what can we do to make sure your enthusiasm is contagious.
There’s a really good reason why this step goes first…it’s the most important.

Overview and Targeting

Okay, we think we get it…time to check our homework and basic assumptions. We condense our learnings into a single page of “Dots and Thoughts” identifying suggested strategies, tools, and exactly what results we’re looking for once the final video’s rolled. Sure, we make videos for a living…and yeah, we’re proud of ‘em. But we understand that the point of this entire process isn’t to make a video, it’s to make sure your audience truly believes what you offer is, “Better Than Bacon”. We pledge to always work together to represent your audience, not our industry.

The Scripting Process

Now that we’ve dialed in who we’re talking to and what we want to happen, it’s time to pick the right words and look to give it the creative spin that makes everything fun. A different kind of writing is key here; we’re not just writing for “the eyes” but more for “the ears”. In other words, stuff needs to sound good. We need to use the views, terms, references, swagger and styles of our targeted audience. Clever, concise and relatable are the goals. It’s a place where these strategies all meet. And just like life it takes us where we want to go.

Continue To The Next Level


Now’s the time to dial things in. Starting with different techniques, we will select different artists, teams and styles to best convey the excitement of your message and get our target audience interested and excited. With the words and the visual styles selected, let’s test it out and snap ‘em together for a first look.  This stage is kind of like the recipe in a real good cookbook…the pictures and language should be in the right places, and it should give everyone involved a solid idea of how things are supposed to turn out.  This is a great place to make minor adjustments and changes.  Now that the plan is set, all we gotta do is fire up the kitchen and get cookin’.


Choosing the right voice to tell your story can be a big deal.  Good thing we have a whole lot of solid choices.  Folksy, fun, frisky, hip, young, wise, exotic, super cool or smokin’ hot…we have access to some of the best of the best and will work together to find the one that captures the personality of your vision. Audio textures, background music, sound effects and final pacing take place here.  Again, we partner with the very best of the best to create magic for your ears.


While we were working together to get the voiceover just right, our artists and graphics wizards were hard at work creating many of the “anchor” images needed to put things together.  If the project needs video it’s lights, camera and action as a shoot is done around the script. Location, crew and talent play a crucial part of this process.  Our directors will put you at ease in this busy day.  An animatic is like a slide show where you get to hear your voiceover with the first look at the images that will go with it.  Things aren’t moving yet and there are a lot of pieces yet to be added, but stuff should start looking pretty cool.  This is another stop along the way where minor tweaks to the big vision should be made because next up…construction time aka editing.  The edit is where it comes all together.  Client previews begin and evolution of the final is close.


“Damn!”  “That’s really cool.”  “You nailed it!” …all comments that are heartily and heavily encouraged at this stage.  Those are the perfect things to hear as we format and conform you masterpiece into any and all digital formats needed for distribution and playback across any media platform you choose.

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